How To Deal With Redundancy

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It is the harsh reality that more and more people face redundancy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recruitment agencies are seeing an unprecedented number of applications for roles and speaking to more people by the day who are out of work. Redundancy at any point in your career can be an incredibly difficult time. 

You’re not alone

Everyone experiences feelings of failure and self-doubt at times, especially when facing redundancy. However, it’s important to remember that being let go from a job doesn’t reflect your competence or value as an employee. Redundancy is a common occurrence in many people’s careers, especially during times of economic downturn like the current recession. So, it’s vital to understand that you’re not alone in this situation, and there’s no reason to feel like a failure or reject yourself.

Take time out

In the midst of panic and disbelief, it is understandable that someone may feel compelled to dive headfirst into a job hunt immediately. However, I strongly advise against taking such action without allowing yourself a few days or even weeks to fully process the multitude of thoughts and emotions that arise from this distressing and destabilising experience.

Manage your money

Financial concerns will quickly become important. Take a thorough examination of your finances and determine possible actions you can take. This may involve implementing a disciplined personal budget or eliminating unnecessary subscriptions, which many of us tend to accumulate.

Utilise all support

If you find yourself in a situation where you require state benefits, it is advisable to make use of them. After all, you have been diligently paying your taxes all these years precisely for this purpose. Additionally, there are numerous sources available that can provide helpful advice and information, such as the Money Advice Service.

Form your plan

Seize this chance to evaluate and determine your future desires. It’s possible that you may realise you were truly content in your previous position and wish for something similar. Alternatively, it could serve as an opportunity to invest time in acquiring new skills, enabling you to slightly alter your career path or even pursue a completely different profession.

Look after yourself

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Start the search

When you are sufficiently prepared, begin your job hunt. It is important to approach this task with the right mindset. Take advantage of your professional network and consider registering with 2-3 recruitment agencies that specialise in your field. If you are in London and looking for a marketing role, consider the expert London marketing recruitment agency. Establish a daily routine for your search, but refrain from devoting the entire day to it. Remember to balance your job search with self-care.